Caring for someone else can be hard on your physical, emotional and social wellbeing.

Practical help

You do not have to take on the whole burden of caring without practical support. There are services that can help you and ways of looking after yourself.

MIND – how to cope as carer

Carers UK – a quick guide to caring help & advice for carers

NHS – carers’ well-being

Healthwatch Brent – respite care Fact Sheet 

Brent Carers Centre

Carer’s assessment

You have a statutory right to a Carers Assessment from Brent Council if you:

  • give care regularly to someone now, or
  • intend to start giving care regularly to someone

‘Statutory’ means your right by law.

The Government – Fact Sheet about the Care Act 

Brent Council – ask for a Carers’ Assessment

Preparing for the carer’s assessment

Carers Direct – preparing for your carers assessment

Your carer’s assessment should cover:

  • your caring role
  • whether the person you are caring for is getting enough help
  • the effect your caring role has on your health
  • how your caring role is affecting your relationships with others
  • the effects your caring role has on work, study and leisure
  • if you are struggling to find any/enough time for yourself
  • whether you’re able to get out and about,
  • your feelings and choices about caring
  • if you are happy to continue in your caring role
  • what support you need to continue with your caring role
  • planning for emergencies (such as a Carer Emergency Scheme)

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Option 1 Social Care Assessments

Option 2 Being eligible for social care services

Option 3 Care and support plans

Option 4 Paying for social care

Option 5 Personal budgets and direct payments

Option 6 Re-ablement services

Option 7 Making a complaint

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