Care and support plans

What is a care and support plan?

This is a personal action plan that sets out what your needs are and how and who will met these.

You have a right to a say in:

  • what needs your care plan covers, and
  • what you want the care plan to help you do or achieve in your life, and
  • what support you get, and

You have a statutory right to get a copy of your care plan. Your care plan should include

  • all your ‘met’ needs e.g. a need that is being met by someone else caring for you
  • all your ‘unmet’ needs and how the care plan says these will be met.

Reviewing your care and support plan

You have a right to have your care plan looked at again with Brent Council if anything changes about your needs or situation. It must be looked at again at least once a year or more often if:

  • your needs change, or
  • you are not happy with the support you get
  • a service no longer meets your needs, or
  • a carer can no longer offer the same level of support.

The review happens in a meeting. It should look at:

  • what has worked well, and
  • what has not worked, and
  • how you have achieved the outcomes you wanted, and
  • if you want things to change

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