Health and wellbeing

What you can find help with here

  • How to look after your physical and mental health
  • Social health, relationships and meeting people in Brent
  • How social care works in Brent
  • Finding health and care services in Brent
  • Finding support and social activities
  • The standards you can expect to get from public, private and charity health and social care services
  • How to complain about a poor health or social care service
  • Links to NHS information about lots of health conditions
  • Information about health conditions that affect many people in Brent

If you have a medical condition

Brent Advice Matters is not staffed by medical people. Call your GP now if you have a health problem and need medical attention. If you do not have a GP, choose Find health and social care services below.

Rights and responsibilities on your health

You have a right to good health and social care. Know your rights so you get good quality services. But you are responsible for looking after your own health too. Knowing about your rights and taking responsibility are as important as one another.

Watch a video about from Healthwatch England about why your rights on health services are important and why you should speak up.

Choose 1 of the 5 options below.

Option 1 Looking after your health and wellbeing

Option 2 Adult social care in Brent

Option 3 Find services and support in Brent

Option 4 Make a complaint about a health or social care service

Option 5 Health conditions

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