Who pays my benefit?

Know who works out your benefit and tax credits

To sort benefit problems out, it helps to know who:

  • you claim a benefit from;
  • works it out and pays you;
  • you complain to if things go wrong.

There are four organisations that you claim from and who pay benefits and tax credits. Look at the logos below and check the list of benefits for each one to see which organisation works out and pays your benefit – which organisation ‘administers’ it.

Brent Council

Brent Council

  1. Housing Benefit
  2. Council Tax Support
  3. Local Welfare Assistance
  4. Discretionary Housing Payment


Department for Work and PensionsDepartment of Work and Pensions – DWP

  1. Attendance Allowance (Disability and Carers Service)
  2. Carers Allowance (Disability and Carers Service)
  3. Disability Living Allowance (Disability and Carers Service)
  4. Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit (Disability and Carers Service)
  5. Pension Credit (The Pensions Service)
  6. Personal Independence Payment (Disability and Carers Service)
  7. State Retirement Pension (The Pensions Service)


Job Centre PlusJobCentre Plus – JCP

  1. Bereavement Allowance
  2. Bereavement Payment
  3. Employment Support Allowance
  4. Income Support
  5. Job Seekers Allowance
  6. Maternity Allowance
  7. Widowed Parents Allowance


HMRCHer Majesty’s Revenue and Customs – HMRC

  1. Carers Credit
  2. Child Benefit
  3. Child Tax Credit
  4. Guardians Allowance
  5. Working Tax Credit


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