Making a new claim

Before you can make a new claim there are some questions you need to answer.  This is because the rules about benefits are different depending on your circumstances. You will be taken through these questions now.

Have you recently arrived in this country from abroad?

Benefit rules say people who have not lived in the United Kingdom for some time will not be able to claim some benefits. If you are recently arrived you need to be in the UK for at least 3 months before you can claim benefits to support you while you are out of work. For some benefits it is longer.

If normally you do not live in the UK or if you have a home in another country the benefit office might say you have recently arrived to this country.

The benefit office is not likely to say you have recently arrived if you have been

  • on holiday for a few weeks
  • living abroad for a few months but only have a home in the UK

Choose one of the three answers below to move on. If you are not sure about your answer choose I am not sure.

Option 1 Yes I have recently arrived in the UK

Option 2 No I have not recently arrived in the UK

Option 3 I am not sure

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