Claiming benefits

If you are entitled to benefits you should get them.  You have a right to help from the welfare benefit system if you can show you are entitled to it.

Don’t give up if:

  • you run into problems
  • you are not sure what to claim
  • you don’t know anything about the system

Watch a video from Turn2Us called “Its your money – so claim it!”

Watch a video from Citizens Advice Bureau about benefits in British Sign Language


Shelter – Dos and Don’ts when claiming benefits

Help filling in a claim form

There is help on the internet for claiming some benefits. Look at the list of options at the bottom of the page to find the type of benefit you want help with. If you have a claim form and want help filling it in choose Find a local adviser below.

Find a local adviser

What benefits can I claim?

We have put the different benefits into groups. This is to help you decide what benefits to claim depending on your circumstances and so you can see what other benefits you might be able to claim at the same time.

Benefits for European Economic Area nationals

Benefit rules for people who come to look for work in the UK from countries in the European Economic Area are now more strict. Choose Benefits for EEA Nationals below to find out about the changes.

Benefits for EEA nationals

Choose a group of benefits from the 13 options below

If you don’t see a benefit you want to claim, choose Back to Claiming Benefits at the bottom of the page you are on to come back here and choose another group to look at.

If you are still not sure what to do get advice. Choose Find a local advisers at the bottom of the page you are on.

OPTION 1 → People with Children

OPTION 2 → Fostering and Adoption

OPTION 3 → Carers

OPTION 4 → Single People

OPTION 5 → Older People

OPTION 6 → Younger People

OPTION 7 → Sick or Disabled People

OPTION 8 → People in Bereavement

OPTION 9 → People in the Armed Forces

OPTION 10 → People in Work

OPTION 11 → People Out of Work

OPTION 12 → People who are Students

OPTION 13 → Housing Costs

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