BAM Privacy Policy

At BAM we collect and use your personal information to help solve your problems, improve our services and tackle wider issues in Brent that affect people’s lives.

We only ask for the information we need. We always let you decide what you’re comfortable telling us, explain why we need it and treat it as confidential.

When we record and use your personal information we:

  • Only access it when we have a good reason
  • Only share what is necessary and relevant

We handle and store your personal information in line with the law.

When you use our website, we collect a type of data called cookies which tell us what you’re clicking on. Find out more about how we use cookies

Who’s responsible for keeping your personal information safe?

The Advice Agency to whom your case is allocated has the responsibility for keeping your personal information safe and making sure they comply with data protection law. They are the ‘data controller’ for your personal information.

Each of the advice partners is an independent charity.

What we do with your information

How we handle your personal information depends on how you interact with us.

When you get advice from an adviser

Using our website

To find out more about your data rights on the Information Commissioner’s website, read…

ICO’s guide to the general data protection regulation.

When we use your information without permission

In most cases, we’ll get your permission to collect, use, store and share your information.

At times we might use or share your information without your permission. If we do, we’ll always make sure there’s a legal basis for it. This could include situations where we have to use or share your information:

  • to comply with the law, called ‘legal obligation’ – for example, if a court orders us to share information
  • to protect someone’s life, called ‘vital interests’ – for example, sharing information with a paramedic if a client was unwell at our offices.
  • to defend our legal rights – for example, to resolve a complaint that we gave the wrong advice.

Storing your information

The adviser responding to your enquiry will log all your information, correspondence, and notes about your problem into our secure case management systems.

Emails between you and your adviser are stored within the email system of the advice agency where the adviser is based. Each advice organization will have their own policy for how they keep these emails secure. If you require a copy of the individual policy please e-mail:

We keep your information for 6 years. If your case has been subject to a serious complaint, insurance claim or other dispute we keep the data for 16 years.

Our case management systems are EEA safe harbor compliant. For more information read where the data is hosted.

Contact us about your data

You can contact us at any time and ask us:

  • What information we’ve stored about you
  • To change or update your details
  • To delete your details from our records

If you want to make a complaint

If you’re not happy with how we’ve handled your data, you can make a complaint by e-mailing

  • Please do not use this feedback section to submit an advice query. It will not be seen by an adviser.
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